GPS (Global Positioning System)

Since human beings are able to walk they want to know where they are and where they are going to. Nothing has changed but now it is called positioning and navigating.

Nowadays GPS is the answer to disorientation.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS was originally intended for military applications, but in the 1980s, the government made the system available for civilian use. GPS works in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. There are no subscription fees or setup charges to use GPS.

Navstar Global Positioning System (GPS) Satellite
Figure: USAF Research Laboratory

Who uses GPS?

GPS has a variety of applications on land, at sea and in the air. Basically, GPS is usable everywhere except where it’s impossible to receive the signal such as inside most buildings, in caves and other subterranean locations as well as underwater.