Tourist region with won multimedia state award


Beside the silver medal for Aigen-Schlägl at the 19th "TAI" Advertising Grand Prix of touristic activities the website scored again at the multimedia state award 2004: 1st place in the category "public information".


The Jury’s reasons:
The project presents information about the region in a positive and motivating way through an internet-portal. Especially for a disadvanteged region like Aigen-Schlägl a presentation through the web is most important. If the structure of informations of the site is also user orientated and supported by audio, video and flash, users don’t want to go somewhere else in the Net so they stay on the homepage of the region. A special feature is the possibility to navigate through various hiking and bike tours, which can be downloaded for GPS devices. Small GPS receivers could be immediatly booked on the homepage - a great combination of information and service.

Thus there is nothing else but going to Aigen-Schlägl in Mühlviertel - except you prefer the virtual view of the region more than a real trip.


The multimedia state award will be assigned by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Labour in cooperation with the Federal Government. The Award is part of the program "ebusiness causes innovation" of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Labour and is supported with scholarships by the council of research and technology development.