Installing G7ToWin

  • Simply download the software from our Download Area. It is best to download the original file (EXE file). Otherwise, G7ToWin has to be unzipped with Winzip.
  • The program can be copied to the folder of your choice and then started by double-clicking the g7towin.exe file.
  • Under File / Configuration select the COM connection with which the GPS device is connected by the computer interface cable (usually Com 1 or USB). The units of measure should be converted to the metric system, for example from feet to meters. To do this, go to the "Altitude / Depth" rubric and select "Show Distances in" > "Meters" option. If you are not using a Garmin device, then that will have to be reset as well. It is important that in the "Degree display mode" rubric "UTM" is notselected - you usually do not have to adjust anything here!
  • If you have made all of the desired changes, select File / Save Configuration in order to save them.